Ruth Pratt Memorial Bursary 

Upon request by Mr. Frank Pratt, the High Prairie Agricultural Society is pleased to offer the Ruth Pratt Memorial Bursary, to a local student pursuing secondary education in an agricultural program as donations permit. 

RuthThis bursary will honor Mrs. Pratt, her commitment and contributions to the community, and her passion for the agricultural way of life. Margaret “Ruth” Pratt was born on July 7, 1928 in Edmonton, AB. Ruth grew up on a dairy farm in the Clover Bar area of Edmonton where she learned that to be successful you need to be able to work where you are needed. As the oldest of four siblings, Ruth was needed both in the house, and outside on the farm. When Ruth graduated from high school she attended Vermillion College and that is where she first met Frank. Frank and Ruth moved to High Prairie shortly after their wedding on November 19, 1948 in Edmonton. Ruth moved from her parents home in Edmonton, with running water and the amenities of a city, to a small house with Frank parents that had limited luxuries. Frank and Ruth built a life together on the farm and much of their success could be attributed to Ruths home making skills and her abilities to help out on the farm. The couple built a new home in 1954 on the existing farm site and went on to have six children, who are all successful in their own right, and attribute this to their parents and the foundation they built together. 
Ruth and Frank were very involved in the community. Ruth was a member of the Elks Royal Purple, figure skating, minor hockey, and many other community groups.  Giving back to the community was very important to Frank and Ruth.  


The Ag. Society Bursary Committee is made up of volunteer members and directors. The Committee accepts, reviews and scores applications to select a deserving student by June 30th. 

Who is Eligible
Big Lakes County residents in a post secondary program in an agriculture related field. 

How to Apply
Download the application form and guidelines HERE. 

Application Deadline
September 1, 2024

Support the Memorial Bursary

The High Prairie Ag. Society accepts contributions for the Ruth Pratt Memorial Bursary fund year round. Donations can be made via cash, check or Electronic Money Transfer and the High Prairie Ag. Society will provide you with a charitable tax receipt. 

Thank you to Frank Pratt & Non Elliott Pratt for thier support in the amount of $1,000 in 2022, and to Stalenhoef Farms for their support of $1,000 in 2023. 


Please contact the Ag. Society at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how you would like to make your contribution.