Riding Waivers 

  • ALL users must sign a waiver before using the arena. These need to be done annually for every person. 
  • They can be found on the table at the tie area on a clip board, or you can ask Barb for one in the office.

Arena Etiquette

  • Please do not leave the door open any longer than necessary during the winter. It costs ALOT to heat the building. 
  • Open riding time is for all members. Equipment such as jumps, barrels, or the round pen are not to be put up during open riding unless there is agreement from everyone present. Members can rent the arena privately for thier own activities. See rental rate sheet. 
  • Riders are expected to be in control of thier animals, and ride in a manner that does not interfere with others. 
  • Do Not leave animals un attended in the tie area. 
  • Open riders are not to be in the arena at the start of a scheduled booking. Please check the calendar and phone message for booking times. 

Drop Ins

  • Drop in riders may accompany a riding membership holder. They must sign a wiaver and follow all oft he rules of the facility. The riding membership holder is responsible for their guests. 
  • Drop in fee is $10 per person
  • Pay drop in fee at the north end of the arena. There are envelopes and a pen at the office window. please fill out the information and put your drop in money in the envelope and put it in the drop slot. 
  • Drop in fees can now be paid via e transfer!!  Fill out the info on the envelope and indicate they you have paid via e transfer. Email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • ALL riders that are 14 or younger must wear a helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS

Clean Up

  • You are expected to clean up all manure and urine that your animal leaves behind. 
  • Manure in the roping boxes, back pen, arena, and alleyway needs to be cleaned up before you leave the facility.
  •  Empty the wheelbarrows - if they are full please dump them outside in front of the big overhead door where the tractor can push it away.
  • As of December 2019 the Ag Society board of Directors will be fining users for not cleaning up. The first offense will be $50 and suspension of swipe card until fine is paid, second offense is $100 and suspension of swipe card until fine is paid. Our security cameras are high quality and users can be identified from the footage. 


High Prairie Ag. Society Code of Conduct - Zero Tolerance Policy 

Zero Tolerance refers to those policies that treat minor and major incidents of inappropriate behavior with equal severity in order to send a strong message to potential violators. The purpose of this policy is to promote mutual respect and cooperation, encourage the values of community-mindedness, and establish standards of expected behavior of the High Prairie Agricultural Society. The goal is to eliminate verbal or physical abuse and maintain a safe physical and respectful social atmosphere for our members, directors and executive as well as all users of our facilities.

All employees, members, directors, executive directors, and users of Ag Society facilities are subject to this policy. It applies to behavior that may occur during the course of all Ag Society business, activities and events. It also applies to behaviors between individuals associated with the Ag Society but outside of the Ag Society’s business, activities and events when such behavior adversely affects relationships within the Ag Society’s business, activities, events and environment. 

The following types of behaviors will not be tolerated:

  • Conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment;
  • Written or verbal abuse or threats;
  • The display of visual material which is offensive or which one ought to know is offensive;
  • Unwelcome remarks, jokes, comments, innuendo, or taunting, including uttering profanities or obscenities;
  • Leering or other suggestive or obscene gestures;
  • Condescending, paternalistic, or patronizing behaviors which undermines self-esteem, diminishes performance, or adversely affects working conditions;
  • Practical jokes which cause awkwardness or embarrassment, endanger a person’s safety, or negatively affect performance;
  • Unwanted physical contact including touching, petting, pinching or kissing;
  • Unwelcome sexual assault, attempted or actual;
  • Possession of alcohol at unlicensed private bookings;
  • Possession of outside alcohol at events wherein alcohol is being served, or use of illegal substances during any Ag Society meeting, function, and/or event;
  • Public intoxication during public or private booking or Ag Society meeting; and,
  • Other behaviors as determined by the Board of Directors at an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting called to deal with this policy specifically.

Any violation of this policy will result in the following actions:

  • immediate ejection from meeting, public or private booking, or Ag Society sponsored event
  • if the person fails to leave upon request, and if warranted, the R.C.M.P. will be called and charges may be laid;
  • the Board of Directors may issue a written warning to the said individual; and
  • the Board of Directors may choose to revoke the membership of the said individual for a term of no less than one year, with immediate loss of privileges of membership.